The Best Kept Secret of Lake Country

The Best Kept Secret of Lake Country

When’s the last time you found a place that blew you away? A place that was even better in real life than it looked online? If it’s been a while, it’s time you visit the Oyama Lookout! Even though it’s not a hike, the well-kept local secret is 100% worth the walk up the bumpy dirt road. The views are just amazing!

Even though the Oyama Lookout is pretty easy to get to and the views of the valley are spectacular, it’s not as well known as you’d think. 

Trail Information for Oyama Lookout

The Oyama Lookout is about halfway up Oyama Lake Road, which is just a 15 minute drive from Tenpoint. It’s basically a large, mostly-flat area with amazing views on the edge of the mountain. The area is surrounded by trees, but there aren’t many on the lookout itself. If you visit on a sunny summer day, you’ll get to see Wood Lake and Kalamalka Lake in all their turquoise beauty!

There’s also a cool wooden platform hidden in the trees, but you can’t see it from the main viewpoint and it’s super easy to miss, so keep an eye out!

Hiking Notes

Most people drive up to the viewpoint where there’s a short trail to a platform. If you want to make it more of a hike, you can park at any point along the road and hike up. If you do that, stick to the edge because it’s a well-trafficked road.

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Directions + Parking

The Oyama Lookout isn’t so much a hike as it is a semi-off roading adventure. It’s about 7 km up a dirt road that steadily gets worse the longer you drive. If a car is your only option, you can always park near the bottom and hike up. 

It’s pretty easy to find the Oyama Lookout, the Google Maps Location is accurate. Once you’re on Oyama Lake Road, stay on it as it heads into the forest. There are lots of alternative 4×4 trails, but the main road is obvious. Remember to drive carefully!

What to Expect

Once you’ve parked, it’s only a short walk to the cliff edge and the awesome views. The Oyama Lookout will not disappoint! This is a fun place to spend an afternoon exploring. It would also be a beautiful spot for a date night!

Main Viewpoint

The main viewpoint at the Oyama Lookout is a large, relatively flat cliff’s edge covered in bedrock and grass with a few larger rocks near the edge. 

From this viewpoint, you’ll have absolutely spectacular views of Oyama, Wood Lake, Kalamalka Lake, Okanagan Lake, and even parts of Lake Country. You’re surrounded by a sea of trees with patches of rock. 

It’s completely natural up here, so if you wanna hang out or have a chair to sit, you’ll need to bring your own camping chair.

Oyama Lookout Platform

There’s also a small wooden platform at the Oyama Lookout, but you can’t see it from the main viewpoint and there aren’t any signs pointing to it. Unless you know it’s there, you might miss it!

From the main viewpoint, you’ll notice trails on your left that head into the trees. Follow these trails for a bit and once the trail starts to peter out, keep going. You’ll soon see the wooden platform sandwiched between two trees below you! To get onto the platform, you’ll need to do a little climbing.

The platform has awesome views of the valley and is a great spot to hang out – bring a snack!

Final Notes

The Oyama Lookout is a wonderful place to hang out with friends, family or to bring a special someone to enjoy an amazing view. Even though the Okanagan is full of beautiful places, the lesser-known places are truly special. For a real treat visit the Oyama Lookout at sunrise or sunset when the sunlight casts a golden glow across the valley! 

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