3 Best Beaches to Visit in Lake Country

3 Best Beaches to Visit in Lake Country

Lake Country is situated in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia and is a beautiful community nestled in between two gorgeous lakes (Kalamalka Lake and Wood Lake). Orchards, wineries and of course beaches are just some of the attractions available in the summer months. The Okanagan Valley, a truly unique and popular Canadian vacation destination. 

Now let’s talk about beaches!

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is a small park that is situated near the head of spectacular Kalamalka Lake and is located in the picture-perfect little community of Oyama, British Columbia. Is it located in the summer vacation paradise known as Lake Country in the world-famous Okanagan Valley region of Canada. 

The park itself provides a great space for anybody looking to do some picnicking and swimming. It features a beautiful little sandy beach, picnic tables, washrooms, a floating dock, and a small children’s playground.

Pioneer Park Google Maps Link

Station Beach

Station Beach is also located in the picturesque community of Oyama, British Columbia, Canada. It is situated at the head of Wood Lake in the Okanagan Valley and is connected via a channel to its larger sibling body of water known as Kalamalka Lake. Wood Lake is much smaller than Kalamalka Lake and the water is generally much warmer. 

The beach itself is quite gorgeous and features wonderful powdery white sand and delightfully calm waters that allow you to see to the bottom and spot all kinds of fish. The water at Station Beach is fairly shallow and clean with little in terms of waves and on a calm day it shines brilliantly like looking into a mirror. it is directly across from the Oyama General Store and OFC Grill where you can get all kinds of snacks, meals, and cool drinks! 

Station Beach Google Maps Link

Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach lies on the edge of beautiful Okanagan Lake in the Carrs Landing neighborhood of Lake Country, British Columbia. It provides beachgoers with splendid lake views and a relaxing place for a family picnic. The beach features a small parking lot, an outhouse, a dock, and a large beach consisting of tiny pebbles and crystal clear water that is perfect for a rejuvenating swim. The beach doesn’t have much in terms of amenities but it is situated in a perfect location and is right down the street from two of our  favorite local restaurants the Salty Caramel Kitchen and the Okanagan Patio Cafe. The park is also just a short drive from world-class wineries like Gray Monk Winery and Arrowleaf Cellars.

Pebble Beach Google Maps Link

Final Notes: 

If you go to any of these beaches and there are a lot of people there, no worries! The area has so many beautiful spots near the water. We’re always happy to point you in the right direction. Remember, Tenpoint Estates is the perfect place to stay to explore the valley and spend a day in the sun!


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